Employed or Unemployed, the Medical Staff Works

In most medical staffs, hospital employment of physicians is on the rise. Of course, states such as Texas and California, where hospital employment of physicians is illegal, are the exceptions (foundations, anyone?) This development can naturally cause division within the medical staff organization. Tensions can be unnaturally created or increased when hospital purse strings are or are perceived to be puppet strings.

To counter suspicion and even the playing field, medical staff bylaws and other governance documents should address hospital employment head-on in a way that protects employed members from non-professionals exerting control over the practice of medicine and preserves professionalism for both independent and dependent physicians.

Get this in writing:

  • · Credentialing and other professional standards must apply equally to employed and unemployed applicants and members
  • · Conflict of interests including hospital financial relationships shall be disclosed for elections and committee appointments
  • · Voting, eligibility for office, committee participation and other citizenship rights are available to all
  • · Medical staff members cannot be fired from their hospital employment or contracts merely because they fulfill Medical Staff assignments in good faith consistent with the bylaws.

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